The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 1 & 2 Recap

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 1 & 2 Recap

I watched The Misfit of Demon King Academy when it came out and I remember vaguely enjoying it. But after rewatching it I can understand why the new season is not on the list to get dubbed. I initially put out a poll on my YouTube channel of which anime I should recap next. I was surprised and pleased that you guys wanted a recap on The Misfit of Demon King Academy. So You know me I got my notes in hand and started rewatching it from season 1 episode 1. By the time I made it halfway through season 2, I started questioning if I ever really liked this anime. When I finished all of season 2 pt 1, I concluded that you guys must’ve been trolling me because I was so confused. But since you guys wanted a recap on this anime, I had to deliver. So let’s get into it.

2,000 years ago an OP MC demon king, Anos, worked with an 

OP human hero, Kanon, to bring peace to the world. To do that Anos planned for Kanon to kill him and use his power to build a wall that would separate the world into 4 different (infernal/demon realm, spirit realm, human realm, heavenly realm with a door locked for 1,000 years). Anos is forced to reincarnate and is reborn 2000 years later. He becomes old enough to attend the demon academy within 1 month. And his parents didn’t find it odd that he went from infant to teenager that fast. He even named himself as an infant.

He gets accepted into the Demon Academy and brings home not 1 but 2 girls Misha and Sasha, two sisters. And of course, doesn’t correct when his parents think that they are his future wives. The school’s rank is divided into red uniforms for royalty which are those with pure demon blood and white uniforms for hybrids. Everyone thinks Anos is a cocky hybrid that continues to say he is the demon king. Even though he shows how powerful he is over and over again. Oh, but we can’t forget. They all think that the knockoff Avos is the real demon king because history has been rewritten.

The two sisters believe Anos is the demon king and team up. Misha has creation magic and joins Anos first. After a little sweet talking. (Anos tells Sasha he finds her demon eyes beautiful) Sasha and her eyes of destruction join. Turns out that Sasha is the original and Misha was a piece of her split at birth. Anos does some OP magic, defeats the god of time, and manipulates time to bond each sister with their past self, making them whole. Anos helps them find treasure during a dungeon exam. Misha chose the Phenix robe for Sasha which grants the wearer the benefit of immortal flames and Misha received the lolipad ice ring the chill it gives off is said to fill the 7 seas with ice.

What would an OP character be without a fan club that believes Anos is the demon kind and busts out some jams when they need support? The leader of the fan club happens to be a hybrid, half spirit half demon Misa. During the magic sword tournament, Anos meets Lay a transfer student who is well known for his sword skills. After an intense battle of capturing the flag between Anos’s team and Lay and the fan club, Anos decides Lay and Misa are good enough to join his team. He also acknowledges the rest of the fan club when they risk their life to protect his mother, who is carrying Anos’s sword, from Emilia their teacher who doesn’t like hybrids and wants Anos to fail the sword tournament. But of course, Anos arrives, heals them all, and forces Emilia to acknowledge him as the demon king then kills her and reincarnates her as the thing she hates the most, a hybrid. 

We learn that spirits are born of rumors and legends. Lay’s mother happens to be a spirit who is slowly disappearing due to spirit disease. which is caused either by a contradiction in their rumors and the way they live or by their rumors not being spread. So, of course, the royals use Lay’s mother’s survival as a way to threaten Lay and get him to kill Anos during their final match. In OP fashion Anos wins the battle, frees Lay from the the collar the royals had on him, and figures out Lay’s mother’s legends and spreads it via telecast. Which allows her to live. All that Royal scheming for nothing. 

Anos, being the OP character, of course has to shows off sometimes. When Misha took Anos to her favorite place to hang out which was a miniature store. Turns out she was really good at making miniatures. Anos makes a miniature of the capital in amazing detail and the owner is in such amazement they offer to buy it from him. He ends up putting it in a ring and giving it to Misha. Also when Anos and Lay were sword fighting during the capture the base competition and their swings created mass winds. Another example of his OP abilities is when the class had classes at the Hero Academy and each team had to try to make it there in under 10 days. The quickest team and the teacher said they made it there in 3 days but Anos was able to teleport so his team made it there in mere seconds. Oh and who could forget when the royal demon team did not want Anos’s team of hybrids going up against the hero teams first because they thought they would disgrace the Demon Academy. Funny how the royal demon team were upperclassmen and were saved by Anos. Anos team even had a rematch for them and won even though they were hit with a stronger member Zeshia.

The demon academy goes to the hero academy for inter-academy classes. Anos looks for Kanons reincarnation and finds out that his 7 sources were reincarnated into different people. This must’ve been a lie because we later find out that Lay is Kanon, but they never go back to that. Lay and Misa grow closer during their trip to the Heroes festival. The heroes do sneaky things like putting holy water in the capture base battlefield, utilizing Eleonore who is a humanoid magic that specializes in root magic and can create root clones like Zeshia, and having the hero spell Asc hypnotize those who use it with hate for demons.

The finale starts with Avos calling for a war between the humans and demons. Anos realizes that Avos is Lays who is actually Kanon. they fight and Anos destroys 6 out of his 7 sources. Each acts as a life. Kanon was killed by a human 2000 years ago and decided to reincarnate as a demon, act as the demon king to be killed by the heroes, and let there be peace. Anos trades places with Lay so Lay looks like the hero and Anos in costume looks like Avos who was stabbed. All an act to make it seem like the demon king was defeated. Jerga a human from the past who possessed a deep hatred for the demon race was behind all of the hypnosis as well as controlling Diago the hero academy director. Together Lay, Sasha, Misha, and Anos (now back in his regular form) defeat Jerge. Anos claims Eleanor’s magic as his that way no one will abuse it, thus freeing her.

Season 2 begins with Eleanor and Zeshia transferring to the Demon Academy and joining Ano’s team. The father of the gods Nousgalia is after Reno the great spirit mother so they can have a child that is prophesied to be a god’s child that can destroy Anos the demon king. In the past Anos saved Reno from Nousgalia and ordered Shin, his right-hand swordsman, to protect her even after Anos died.

While completing the Aheartern Great Forest Expedition exam Anos helps Lena an info broker (A spirit who lost her memories) from a group of guys who were going to beat her up. She offers Anos information about getting to Aheartern in exchange for taking her with them. Once in the forest, the fairies recognize Reno’s scent on Misa and also state that she looks like her. Anos’s team makes it through a couple of spirit trials to get to the spirit king. Lay and Misa get separated from Anos and the team at some point. Lay is put up against Avos and recognizes the sword style (because it was Shin which he trained with when they go back to the past). Avos stabs Misa and takes her. Anos makes it to Avos who turns out to be Misa. Half of Misa (her spirit half) was created from rumors of Avos Delhevia because Lay created that false demon king. So removing those rumors would cause her to get spirit disease.

Avos demands the whole city to kill or give up Anos and capture and take all the hybrid’s power as magic nourishment. The best redemption karmic moment ever occurs with Emilia (who let’s not forget was a royal that hated hybrids and Anos reincarnated her and cursed her to be a hybrid no matter how many times she is reincarnated). She is spotted by some royals, they beat her up, and begin to consume her powers because she is now a hybrid. Anos’s parents try to save Emilia but are recognized as Anos’s parents. So they begin to attack them. Emilia tries to save them and Anos comes just in time to save them all. Turning those royals to dust.

Anos created an underground town that leads to Delegate. He takes Lay, Sasha, and Misha back in time. The goal is to figure out what happened to Shin and Reno in the past and how Avos came to be. Anos conceals himself in the form of a kid acting as the demon king “Anosh Poltigoad” and traveling entertainers researching spirits to help Lena. Reno confesses her feelings for Shin and he offers to fulfill a favor before he leaves to be reincarnated. She asks to get married. They spend their wedding night together and Reno ends up pregnant with a half demon half spirit that gets teleported to the future by Nousgalia. This child happened to be Misa. Since Reno is a spirit who is said to be the mother of spirits, actually gave birth to a being that’s not only a spirit, she becomes a contradiction leading to her slowly disappearing and not existing. Anos saves the human child Igareth (a human that was spared by past Anos) from getting beat up by some of Anos’s minions. future Anos steps in and saves Igareth and tells him to spread a rumor about the demon king “Avos.” Then peacefully kills Igareth with his sword and reincarnates him so he will no longer be fixed by the god of time. The team goes back to the present.

Misa realized that Anos altered the past. She attacks Lay and Anos. Anos ends up in a different room where another person is wearing the Avos attire. Turns out it is Shin who has been protecting Misa and prolonging his life in hopes Anos will end his life. But Shin must take Anos’s right hand if he is to die (a promise they made each other). Shin couldn’t sever it bc he struck him as a demon and not a sword. Anos tells him to live on and protect his daughter. So Avos was Lay and then Shin and then Misa. Anos fights Nosgalia and finally defeats him with the help of Lena who happens to be the fairy of love and is taken over by Reno. Lay uses a technique that splits Avos and Misa even though her half-source won’t survive but Anos started rumors in the past that allow Misa to be born a full spirit and Reno to live again. Anos announces that they will no longer live in a divide between royals and hybrids and begin a time of peace.

The season ends with Anos realizing that a part of his memory is missing. Also, we see Anos walking toward a person maybe a spirit or god.

This show has so much going on all at once. Will you be watching the new season? What are your thoughts on some of the plots and characters? It was probably one of the hardest recaps to do. With all the crazy ideas and storylines I’m not surprised that season 2 pt 2 will not be dubbed. I hope the new season will make more sense but I will not hold my breath.