Tower of God Season 1 Recap

Tower of God Season 1 Recap

Tower God season 2 will be released on July 7th. So let’s get caught up on the crazy tests, schemes, and betrayals the 1st season gave us.

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In the first season of “Tower of God,” we were introduced to Bam, a boy who lived in a cave with no memories of his past. His only solace was his friendship with a girl named Rachel, who taught him about the stars and the tower. That promises everything to those willing to climb it.

We see Bam’s world turned upside down when Rachel receives a calling to climb the tower, leaving Bam behind. Determined to find her, Bam embarks on his own journey to climb the tower and reunite with his friend.

Test 1 - Break the Black Ball

Guided by Headon, the Guardian of the 1st floor, Bam faces his first test - to break a ball without getting hit by a fearsome white steel eel. With the help of Yuri’s legendary sword, the Black March, Bam overcomes his fear of death and passes the test but has to call upon the sword spirits’ strength to break the ball.

The spirit approves which surprises Yuri since she was never granted the swords’ strength. Bam passes and moves on to the next level of the tower in search of Rachel.

Test 2 - Survive 400 to 200

For the second test, Bam navigates a dangerous game of alliances. Khun, a cunning strategist, saves Bam and teams up with him and Rak to pass the test by forming a last-minute alliance.

Determined to reduce the number of participants, The test administrator Lero-Ro creates a test to see who can pass through a wall of Shinzu first. The fact that Bam was the only one pushed back by the wall of Shinzu, caught Lero-Ro’s attention. Lero-ro also took this time to warn Bam not to get too close to Khun.

Test 3 -The Red Door

This is overseen by the administrator Han Sung Yu, where the participants must choose the correct door within a 10-minute time limit to pass. While in the waiting area, a participant was secretly informed by the Yu han to give Bam’s team a hint 5-min mark to see if it would help or hinder them. Khuns past traumas resurface, and the true nature of the tower and its challenges is revealed to test the participant’s resolve. Khun was deep in thought and internally struggling with his past trauma and betrayal.

We get a glimpse into his past and see and a girl Maria who was chosen as a princess and Khun’s mother who advises him to not trust anyone, revealing his past betrayal and abandonment by his family. So 1 second before the clock stroked 5 minutes Rak kicked open a door and they passed

While the current participants are climbing the tower another round of participants enter and must navigate a bloodbath orchestrated by the administrator Quant Blitz, leading to all but 3 participants surviving their second test out of 400.

Bonus Test - Capture the Crown

Lero-Ro offered a bonus test, where teams must compete in a series of rounds to claim a crown and earn the right to climb the tower. But will not harm their current ascent if they fail. While waiting Bam notices Rachel is there. Concluding that she was part of the only surviving team of Quants test. Before the 3rd round, Anaak makes a bet with Bam. If his team wins this test she will give him her Green April whip, and if not he must give her his Black March sword.

During the 5th round, Rachel tries to protect Bam but ends up being attacked. Bam runs to save her giving up his team’s lead and unexpectedly releasing a burst of Shinzu that destroys the crown. So the final round of the crown game ends in a stalemate, with no clear winner emerging. But Anak decides to take the black march sword causing her teammates Hatz and Shibisu to end their group with her.

We also learn that Anak is driven by revenge for her Father’s death. Her mother was a Princess of Jahad and passed down the powers of the king that were bestowed on her. But by doing so she broke the sacred rule that states princesses cannot bear children or have intercourse to prevent the spread of the Kings’ great power. This led to her Father being killed by the princesses and Anaak’s current bloodthirst for all princesses of Jahd.

Roles & Training

Each participant is given a role

Fisherman: that fight within close quarters

Spear bearer: those who control and kill enemies from a distance

Light bearer: illuminate the tower and distribute information

Scout: investigate enemy movements from the front lines and assist the fisherman

Wave controller: director of battle support and control of the battle whenever Shiunzu is used

Playing a crucial role in the team dynamics and strategies that will determine their success within the tower.

Bam embracing his role as a Wave Controller, forms a contract with a guardian that tells him it’s not a contract but a shackle. Rak takes on the role of Light Bearer and Khun a Fisherman.

We see friendships flourish as Bam and Khun help Hatz and Shibisu with a Scouts project to befriend a certain number of people by getting Anaak and Endorsi as their last needed signatures. Creating an alliance between Bam, Khun, Shibisu, Hatz, Hoh, Serena, Rak, Endorsi, Lauroe, and Anaak.

Hoh’s desperate struggle to master Shinzu and the forces that seek to manipulate him. As he receives a mysterious note offering him information that could help him climb the tower.

Test 4 - Joint Test

The next test is an intense game of tag that splits the remaining 28 participants into 2 teams and pits them against the admin’s chosen “it” Quant. (Rak and Angnyeong passed their position tests so they have enough points to bypass this test).

To win, the team’s “it” will have to make it to the goal or steal the badge from Quant. If the badge is stolen by Quant that team instantly loses. but if the team steals Quant’s badge then they win and get double the points. The teams can also win by getting their “it” to the goal.

This game is high stakes because Each person will get their own individual points which will affect if they pass or fail. but only 4 out of the 6 fishermen can pass, and Only 2 wave controllers can advance: Lauroe (is guaranteed to pass) leaving Bam, grey, hoh, and Hwaryun (who informed Khun she will not be advancing) as the other option.

Khuns team plan is to steal the admin’s badge but with the help of Lauroe, Khun betrays their team right before they are about to win. He did it to help Bam’s team. Because most of the people on Khun team had enough points to pass anyway

Team B

As Team B takes the stage, Endorsi steps up as the leader. But don’t be fooled by her charming smile, folks. She turns on her fellow fishermen, ruthlessly ensuring her own spot among the chosen few fishermen.

Meanwhile, on the dark bottom floor of the testing area, a sinister plot unfolds. Hoh, driven to desperation by a mysterious note, holds Rachel hostage. His ultimatum? Bam must face Quant, or Rachel pays the price. With the words from the note stuck in his mind “If Rachel leaves, Bam leaves.”

With Rachel’s life hanging in the balance, Bam faces an impossible choice. He must steal Quant’s badge, or risk losing everything he holds dear.

In a heart-stopping moment, Quant freezes Bam with his Shinsu technique. then whispering to Bam to Use this technique on Hoh to buy him time to save Rachel. In a shocking turn of events, Hoh accidentally stabs Rachel! Bam, fueled by desperation and newfound power, copies Quant’s technique perfectly, freezing Hoh in place and surprising Quant.

In a final, horrifying act, Hoh ends his own life, leaving Bam and the audience in stunned silence. But the test isn’t over yet! In a battle of wits and skill, Endorsi faces off against Quant. Both have badges, and both hunger for victory. With a clever feint and lightning-fast reflexes, Endorsi snatches Quant’s badge, securing victory for Team B!

We learn that the puppet master behind these events is none other than… Khun! It was Khun who planted the note for Hoh, manipulating events to eliminate competition for Bam. He even enlisted Quant’s help to keep an eye on the unstable Hoh.

In the aftermath, we find out that Rachel has lost the ability to walk. But she wouldn’t be alive if Headon hadn’t initially given her Ghost as a protector and 2nd chance at life. So Bam vows to continue climbing the tower and bring her along, to make Rachel’s dream come true.

We learn who passed this grueling test:

Fishermen: Endorsi, Anaak, Dede, and Blarouse made the cut.

Spear Bearers: Rak, Parakewl, Alexsai, Shibisu, Hatz, and Sunwoo.

Wave Controllers: Bam and Lauroe pass with flying colors.

Light Bearers: only Khun.

Due to Rachel’s injuries, she was disqualified from continuing to climb the tower

Khun approaches Yu Han Sung with an audacious request: a chance at the Guardian’s Test to allow Rachel to continue the tests! Yu Han states that only an irregular can take the test. Bam, our innocent, wide-eyed hero, is revealed to be an Irregular – a being with the power to shake the very foundations of the tower! Someone who wasn’t called to the tower but instead chosen by Headon. The rest of the participants are faced with a choice: help Bam and be labeled accomplices to an Irregular, or abandon their friend in his hour of need.

In a testament to the bonds forged through their trials, every single one of them chooses to stand by Bam’s side. So, with the weight of his friends’ trust on his shoulders and the eyes of the tower upon him, Bam steps forward to face the Guardian’s Test.

Guardian Test

As Bam and Rachel enter the Guardian’s Test, they find themselves in a treacherous underwater world. The rules? Survive being hunted by Net Dolphins and avoid the dangers lurking in the depths.

Net dolphins, use Shinsu to create their deadly nets and hunt once a day. The participant must be caught and spit out by the net dolphin queen to win. But Barnacle Goblins and their Giant Wetworms are out to steal the dolphins’ prey. As well as Stripped Earthpigs who prey on both options and goblins. Getting caught by them means instant failure! if that’s not enough, The Bull, a monstrous creature that devours anything that moves! will also be lurking around the grounds. But An unexpected intruder entered the test!

Ren, a mysterious assassin, approaches Anaak, dangling her mother’s necklace as bait. In a shocking turn of events, Ren steals Anaak’s prized possession - the Green April sword! But the betrayals don’t stop there! Ren orders Endorsi to kill Anaak, forcing her to choose between her duty and her newfound friendship.

Endorsi returns Anaak’s sword, and Anaak gives her the Black March. Together, they face off against Ren! Just when all seems lost, a new player enters the fray! Princess Yuri herself steps in, saving both Anaak and Endorsi from Ren’s wrath! Turns out the king ordered Ren to collect the 13 weapons gifted to the princesses of Jahad. But the surprises keep coming! Yuri and a member of the Khun family have infiltrated the test area. Yet the administrators are powerless to stop them - only the Guardian has that authority!

It seems Yu Han Sung knew about this all along, including Ren’s presence. What game is he playing? Meanwhile, Bam and Rachel face their greatest challenge yet. The Bull, secretly controlled by Ren, charges towards them!

In a twist that no one saw coming, Bam is swallowed whole by the beast! In a display of raw power, Bam attacks the Bull from the inside, emerging victorious! As victory seems within reach, tragedy strikes. Rachel, standing on their bubble platform, makes a decision that will change everything.

With a single push, Rachel sends Bam plummeting into the abyss, leaving us stunned and heartbroken. In the aftermath of this betrayal, we learn the shocking truth. The tower wasn’t calling Rachel at all - it was Bam all along! And so, a deal was struck. Rachel would put an end to Bam, all for the chance to climb the tower herself.

Rachel’s jealousy festered as Bam grew stronger, made friends, and mastered Shinsu. Until finally, she saw her chance. With Bam presumed dead, the other test takers rally around Rachel, vowing to help her climb the tower in Bam’s memory.

As Lero-Ro and Quant quit and set off to uncover the truth, we’re left with one final, mind-blowing revelation. Not only is Bam alive but he’s still stuck on Rachel. So Hwaryun offers to train him so he can continue to climb the tower and uncover the truth.

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What do you think will happen next season? Will Bam confront Rachel? What new powers will he develop? And just what is waiting for our heroes at the top of the tower?

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